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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is nowadays one of the most trending tools which helps humans to accomplish their demands using intelligent machines. Tasks which humans are partly or entirely unable to do or not as accurate and effective as machines. It includes e.g. processing and analyzing a large amount of free-text or speech-recording, known als NLP, as well as all different kinds of intelligent robots. Machines can also learn by experience and gain new skills without being explicitly programmed by humans (Machine Learning) which makes AI helpful in a lot of different topics including healthcare.

Hospitals, practitioners, researchers and other similar healthcare stackholders have always been looking for methods which make the process of treatment and diagnosis of patients easier and more efficient. Moreover, the amount of data in the field of medicine is massively growing. AI solutions can be applied to analyze different types of data and extract helpful and meaningful information out of them. These data are e.g. radiology images, plain text or data gathered from sensors.

At UKSH there are lots of data that can be used for AI applications, which due to restrictions like privacy and data protection, cannot be shared. Therefore MI-KI research is focused on finding the possibilities in order to have a unified platform, in which different AI techniques such as machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) could be applied locally.